Ladies fashion trends in Bangladesh 2019

The fashion industry is growing worldwide rapidly. Bangladesh has also taken part in this competition and now Bangladeshi people are becoming modern and fashionable with the passage of time. One of the best and the most suitable reason for their modernization is globalization. Girls love to dress up in the latest trend which is prevailing in the market. NO matter what kind of style, they are following. They only have a concern with their latest design.

fashion in bangladesh
To fulfill these requirements, a large number of fashion communities has come into existence. Like this, many fashion houses and boutique centers emerge in the far corner of the country. The capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka, is very much famous for this type of brands. These fashion houses and communities are introducing the brand new and unique design of the dresses which are increasing their demand in the society. More than a hundred, small and large boutique center and fashion communities are working in the country.

It is very much difficult for one to select the top five fashion trends which are now prevailing in Bangladesh. Some most important and popular trends among the Bangladeshi girls are describes below:

1. Salwar Suits

Salwar Suits is a traditional dress in Bangladesh. The popularity graph of Salwar Suits is increasing among the young ladies of the country. Being a traditional dress, it is acceptable to people of every mindset. Its traditional look makes it unique and popular among the young ladies.
Bangladeshi young girls like and appreciate salwar suits designed by Pakistani and Indian designer as well. To compete with these designs, Bangladeshi girls try to design their own dresses. The ladies of elite class import salwar suits from Pakistan and India.

salwar suits
Almost all conservative religious-minded family appreciate and like this style of dress. Because of the elegance and beauty of traditional salwar suits, no one can deny from wearing it. Salwar suits are very much comfortable. Furthermore, salwar suits are highly customizable. It is easier to stylize for all type of women belong to every range of age. Nowadays, in parties, girls want to wear something festive. To fulfill this desire, they wear salwar suits. Because during any festive occasion, salwar suits look more beautiful than sarees.

2. Sarees

Another famous and popular attire of Bangladeshi girls is Sarees. In Bangladesh, there are many traditional dresses which can be used on a festive occasion. Some of these dresses are Fringe and frills. Along with this attire, feathers and ruffles are also popular for wearing on special events.

In addition to all above dress, nowadays, sarees are taking a specific position. Now, on every festive occasion, one can wear sarees. The reason behind its popularity is because today's sarees are highly customizable. To add an extra touch of glamour and sense of fashion, many delicate details are added in them. With the passage of time, the choice for sarees has also been changed a lot.

As everyone is giving more importance to a light weighted thing, like that girls are more interested in light weighted and thin fabrics. Because it is easier for them to carry a light weighted saree than an old fashioned, heavy one. In addition to all above feature, a light weighted saree looks more fashionable and gorgeous. Now, the taste in respect of choice has been changed among the girls nowadays.
There are some styles which are more popular among the girls are, silk, half silk, and organza. Furthermore, they adopt muslin, high-quality georgette, and satin, etc. which are also extremely popular among girls, nowadays, in Bangladesh. In a festive gathering, these sarees give a fabulous look when matched with a gorgeous blouse piece.

3. Capes and Shrugs

Capes and shrugs are on the top list of fashion clothing in recent years in Bangladesh. If someone is of religious mindset and wants to cover up oneself more gracefully or one is just cozy in ones dress, both of them can use capes and shrugs. Capes and Shrugs are extremely light weighted, thin and airy in texture. Chiffon, net, Jersey and lightweight georgette, are used for their preparation. With jeans, lehenga, Kurti, and Abaya, Capes and Shrugs can be used to accessorize them. These are designed in such a beautiful way that one can either choose it to enhance the splendor of one gown or dress while maintaining one's modesty.

4. Denim Clothing

In winter, the use of Denim wears increases around the country in Bangladeshi girls. As we know, jeans are one of the most popular pieces of clothing all over the world. Jeans is not a single product of denim fabric. Recently, many designers have started to design a special type of skirts, fashionable bags, shirts and headbands out of denim fabric. Denim clothing is suitable for winter. In Bangladesh, some denim varieties are specially prepared to use in all seasons. These clothing can be paired with varieties of desi and western dresses. Despite all the facts mentioned above, denim clothing will take some time to gain popularity in Bangladesh.

5. Cigarette Pants

Cigarette Pants are one of the most famous and popular styles of dress among Bangladeshi girls. Cigarette pants have again occupied a space in our cupboard in a very short span of time. Because of their versatility, cigarette pants and elegant palazzos have not lost their value in the heart of Bangladeshi women. Cigarette pants can be used with almost all kind of tops, dresses, and shirts, etc. Cigarette pants look gorgeous with mid to long length kurtas, top and some sort of loose-fit shirts. Cigarette pants are normally made with all sort of fabrics which are available in the market. The most famous and popular varieties of cigarette pants, among young girls, contain chiffon work. Lace and embroidery work in calf and ankle zones increase the beauty of cigarette pants.


Winter fashion

Winter wear for the girls this seasons

Winter is not just a season but the people of Bangladesh has made it very stylish and fashionable. In the winter, girls wear different types of dresses like jackets, warm blazer, and cardigans. Furthermore, they wear different varieties of heavy shrugs, ponchos, large comfy, and capes. However, keep in mind that girls wear these things having the trendsetting and latest fashion. Girls also wear different types of colorful shawls matching to their dresses such as monochromatic woolen, pashmina, khadi, and above all Kashmiri shawls.
At last, the girls in Bangladesh wear trendy clothes. In any season, either winter or summer, girls don't forget to go with set trending clothes. Fashion changes dramatically and even just a little bit change brings great delight and joy in everyone's life.

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